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Full Face Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Laser Treatment

Tammy Luedke performs a Full Face Intense Pulse Light (IPL) laser treatment for elimination of sunspots, freckles, and an improved and even skin tone.

1540 XF Face and Neck Treatment

Watch a 1540 XF Laser Skin Tightening Laser Treatment at Facial Focus Cosmetic Surgery

Laser Skin Tightening and Lower Eyelid 20% TCA Peel

1540 Skin Tightening Laser Treatment at Facial Focus Cosmetic Surgery followed by 20% TCA Lower Eyelid Peel by Eric S. Rosenberger, MD.

Male "Botox" (Dysport) Procedure

Dr. Rosenberger analyzes his facial wrinkles and treats them with 40 Botox Equivalent Units (BEU) of Dysport with 3 week post procedure results

Facial Microneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection therapy, facial microneedling, and topical PRP therapy can improve pigment, texture (acne scars), and skin tone. 

Live Kybella Treatment

Watch Dr. Eric S Rosenberger discuss and perform a Live Kybella treatment

Sclerotherapy with Asclera (polidocanol) 1%

Watch Stefanie Federlin, RN/BSN perform bilateral, full-leg sclerotherapy at Facial Focus Cosmetic Surgery

Injections of Botox/Dysport/Xeomin

Eric S. Rosenberger,MD performs injections of a neuromodulator on the forehead, glabella and crows feet areas.

Fire and Ice Facial

 Watch Tammy Luedke, Licensed Aesthetician, perform a zero downtime, rejuvenating IS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial, perfect for a special event or night out! 

Elta MD Sunscreen

Licensed aesthetician Tammy Luedke discusses sunscreen products available at Facial Focus Cosmetic Surgery.

Dermaplane Treatment

Easily remove dead skin and facial hair. Combine with a Hydrafacial Treatment for an instant improvement in skin tone and texture! 

Chemical Peel Treatment

Dr. Rosenberger has a medium depth chemical peel performed with day-by-day follow up of the peel process.

Lower Face and Neck Lift (Facial Focus Cosmetic Surgery, Austin, TX)

Eric S. Rosenberger, MD performs a lower face (SMAS) and neck (platysma muscle) lift under conscious sedation with preoperative, intra-operative, and postoperative discussion of technique and results. Procedure performed in office at Facial Focus Cosmetic Surgery in Austin, TX.

Upper Blepharoplasty Under Local Anesthesia Only

Dr. Eric S Rosenberger performs bilateral upper blepharoplasty under local anesthesia only.

Large Scalp Defect Repair

Watch Dr. Rosenberger repair a large scalp defect in the office under conscious sedation (Patient awake but comfortable!)

Ear Reconstruction Using Full Thickness Skin Graft

Dr. Rosenberger performs recontruction of a full thickness helical rim defect of the left ear that does not involve the underlying supportive cartilage framework.

Liquid Nitrogen Cryosurgery

Eric S. Rosenberger, MD performs cryosurgery on a benign raised skin lesion