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Functional Rhinoplasty and Nose Job Surgery in Austin, Texas

When it comes to your face, your nose is the center of attention. If you feel like your nose is too large, too flat, or too small, Facial Focus Cosmetic Surgery offers rhinoplasty and nose job surgery by industry-leading surgeon Dr. Eric S. Rosenberger MD. Based in Austin, our Facial Plastic Surgery clinic is committed to addressing the cosmetic and functional concerns of our patients that travel across Texas for our services. Clients from Round Rock, Lakeway, Marble Falls, Liberty Hill, Llano, Killeen, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Temple, and the surrounding area visit us because of our premier nose job procedures. Perhaps your nose is crooked, compliments from an old soccer game, or maybe you constantly have trouble breathing through one side of your nose, or perhaps you want to improve the appearance of an inherited dorsal hump, rhinoplasty surgery will help you achieve your desired aesthetic and functional goals for your nose.

Renowned Facial Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Eric S. Rosenberger MD conducts a detailed examination and advises you on what will be your best options. Although rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic surgery, not everyone is an appropriate candidate. Being in good physical health is an important factor we take into consideration when considering your eligibility. At Facial Focus Cosmetic Surgery in Austin, we set realistic expectations by understanding your unique concerns and goals. Our ultimate goal is to provide top-quality, holistic care for all of our patients. Browse through our Before/After gallery to view our work. Give us a call to schedule your rhinoplasty consultation today.

Rhinoplasty Surgical Treatment Goals:

  • Remove Anatomic Obstructions 
  • Straighten the Deviated Septum 
  • Prevent Internal and External Valve Collapse 
  • Strengthen the Nasal Framework
  • Improve Aesthetic Appearance

Common Reasons to Undergo Rhinoplasty Surgery:

  • Reduce Nostril Size
  • Improve Overall Breathing
  • Remove a Bump or Dorsal Hump
  • Improve a Crooked Appearance 
  • Reduce Nasal Width 
  • Increase or Decrease Size or Projection of the Nose

External Anatomy of Nose

External Anatomy of Nose
  • Nasal Bones
  • Upper Lateral Cartilages
  • Lower Lateral Cartilages
  • Nasal Septum/Columella
  • Soft Tissue Envelope (Skin and Muscle)

Internal Anatomy

Internal Anatomy
  • Nasal Septum
  • Middle and Inferior Turbinates
  • Sinus Drainage Pathways for the (Maxillary, Ethmoid, and Frontal Sinuses)

Internal Nasal Valve

Internal Nasal Valve
  • Formed by the junction of the Nasal Septum and the Upper Lateral Cartilages 
  • Narrowest portion of the Nasal Airway
  • Normal valve angle 10-15 degrees

External Nasal Valve

External Nasal Valve
  • Inferior to the Internal Nasal Valve
  • Lateral border: Nasal Ala
  • Medial border: Septum and Columella
  • Common area of "sidewall collapse" on inspiration 

Anatomic Nasal Obstruction Symptoms

Anatomic Nasal Obstruction Symptoms
  • Consistent Difficulty Breathing through one or both nostrils
  • Need for external devices (Breathe Right Strips) to sleep
  • Fails to improve with topical application of medications

Surgical Treatment

Surgical Treatment
  1. Remove anatomic obstructions
  2. Straighten the Deviated Septum
  3. Prevent Internal and External Valve Collapse
  4. Strengthen the nasal framework
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