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B12 Fat burning shot

Facial Focus offers two types of B12 injections: MIC/B12 Skinny Boost and Methylated B12

What makes B12/MIC different from regular B12?

B12/MIC provides the same great vitamin supplementation as B12 injections, but with a few added benefits. When combined with MIC, the metabolism-boosting principles of the injection are amplified, enhancing the body’s ability to break through weight loss stagnation.

B12 Injections

Our Methylated B12 injections boost energy, promote a positive mood and can improve sleep patterns. Injections are $15 each when administered in office.

MIC /B12 Skinny Boost:

This contains a lower dose of B12, that is combined with vitamins and amino acids for weight management and energy boost. Injections are $20 when administered in the office.

  • Methionine

    A crucial amino acid that optimizes metabolism & supports vital bodily functions for peak performance.

  • Inositol

    Nurture healthy cell structures & nerve connections to balance your overall well-being, regulate mood & control appetite.

  • Choline

    Elevate your longevity with this essential nutrient while enhancing memory, mood, muscle control & various vital functions.

B12 Fat burning shot